Get Involved

The Ely-Ribe Association brings together residents of Ely and the surrounding area who are interested in furthering the twinning links with Ribe.

Members meet around four times a year for social gatherings in Ely, and have the opportunity to participate in official twinning visits, either as hosts in Ely or guests in Ribe.

The Association is also keen to foster links between like-minded organisations in the two cities - for example schools, scouts groups, art and craft societies and sports clubs. In the last year we have welcomed a group of language students from Ribe to Ely, and have sponsored an exhibition by Danish artist Anders Hjuler in the Babylon Gallery. In June 2010, members of the Littleport Riot Morris Dancers travelled with us to Ribe to take part in a 'Dancing in the Streets' event as part of Ribe's 1300th Birthday celebrations.

The Association is led by a small committee of councillors and members, that also reports to the City of Ely Council.

The City of Ely Council provides grant funding towards official events hosted in Ely, but all members pay a small annual subscription, which covers the cost of social events and other outgoings. Visits to Ribe are all at members' expense.

Members of the Association have access to the Members' Area of this website.

If you would like to know more about our Association, or would like us to put your group or organisation in touch with those of similar interests in Ribe, please e-mail us at with your contact details, or telephone 01353 610890.